Your guide to choosing suitable HR dissertation topics

If you are pursuing an MBA or PhD with a specialization in Human Resources, you will have a tough time choosing the right dissertation topic. Just like any other specialization, HR also has many sub-topics that one can study in depth. In the initial stages of your course, you might find it confusing to narrow down on one single topic that you will continue to study during your dissertation. Human Resources is an integral part of any organisation, be it small or big. Every single company needs an HR department to function smoothly and ensure employee engagement and benefits. Therefore, choosing the right HR dissertation topic requires some background research and study.

Points to keep in mind while choosing an HR dissertation topic:

Area of your interest: This is the foremost important point while choosing your topic. Do a thorough research to understand your area of interest, whether you want to study organisation dynamics, employee empowerment, salary culture, people management, training, recruitment, etc. Once you know which aspect of Human Resources captivates you the most, you can choose a topic accordingly.

Effectiveness of the topic: When you choose a topic for your dissertation, try and think about the future prospects of your study. Evaluate the positive impact your study will have on organisations or a particular sector. For e.g. if you choose a topic about health care and insurance for workers in mining industries, your study will help improve the quality of life for those under-privileged workers. However, do not select a topic only for the benefit of society. If the topic does not interest you, completing your dissertation will become a really difficult task.

Consultation: If you are new to the world of Human Resources, you might want to talk to few people in the industry before you begin your dissertation topic selection. Their inputs will give you a direction towards the right topic. Also, they will be able to tell you the practical problems faced in the industry.

Relevant Material: Once you narrow down your interest, check for the available sources on that particular topic. Information must be easily available so that your dissertation does not lack references.

Title: The title of your dissertation must be powerful. Choose your title using critical keywords, and clearly state your research question. Work hard on framing the right title; it will go a long way in making your HR dissertation a success.

Recruitment: If you plan to take up a job as an HR in an organisation, it is recommended to write your dissertation on a subject that will benefit the company. It will help in your recruitment.

While choosing a right topic in HR may seem like a tough crossroad, the right decision will surely take you places!

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