Why Is Writing A Dissertation So Difficult

All postgraduate and doctoral students need to write and submit their dissertations. It is that part of the year which tests their patience and does not even allow them to unwind much. Writing a dissertation is very cumbersome, strenuous and demanding. The main reasons as to why it is so tough are explained here. First of all, university students get only a limited time period to write and complete their dissertations. During this process, they are expected to put in their best efforts and do plenty of research work. Without giving their best shot, they may fail to impress their professors and reach nowhere. This pressure and stress can escalate things further and take a toll on their health. Bad health makes it even more difficult for them to write dissertations.

The universities focus on research students and ask them to submit their dissertations on time. Sometimes, these students are so busy reading and researching various academic papers that the deadline slips out of their minds. Researching slowly and taking more time to read can often lead to progressing slowly in dissertation writing. Some students end up with half done dissertations only to realize later that their deadline is over. Anxiety and stress are the two main reasons why they fail to deliver on time. Also, dissertations include the completion of huge word counts within a given time frame. So, writing so many words everyday is also a laborious task. All universities have their own policies which are expected to be followed by the students.

Dissertations which are not in accordance with these policies may score poor grades or not be accepted. Thus, writing as per the guidelines of the particular university is important and makes the whole process complicated. Many students even hire professional dissertation writers from various academic web platforms to ease their difficulties. Quite often, working with bad supervisors makes the experience of writing very problematic and leads to the submission of poor quality dissertations.

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